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Dec 8, 2013 9:30pm EST
. and then my only other response to that chapter is it didn't seem to me to choose between technology and sociology. they are both whatever. you have sociology and then people interact which makes them crazy. >> guest: i think that sociology provides that context and psychology provides the insight into the individual behavior. why this person and not this person in that context. >> host: a section of the book i appreciated because i've been curious and edited many is the third row take on the men's rights movement because i think there's a lot of confusion about this. you have the sense that they are very angry but tha that they hae legitimate grievances and they are sort of an old history to it but it was very useful to put all of those together and kind of separate those in the way you did. so maybe i will start with a historthehistory which was quito me. can you talk about the origin and where it comes from? >> guest: i locate the origins of the men's rights movement and the guide's response in the 1970s to the beginning of the women's feminist movement. there were a lot of men wh
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1